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Benefits of Juicing

by Fruitful Provision

Anyone and everyone can benefit from juicing. So if you are one of the many people wondering if juicing is right for you; stop wondering and give it a try. I like to describe the effects of juicing by saying it is like restarting a computer. Our bodies and its internal organs get reset to a degree with juicing. The amount of nutrients in raw fruits and vegetables are numerous, and by juicing we allow our bodies to consume more nutrients all at one time. When we cook food there is automatically an enzyme breakdown due to heat which is avoided with juicing. I’m not suggesting or implying that there is not nutritional value when we cook our food just that we have the ability to optimize the health benefits of certain foods when we choose to juice.

Some of the many health benefits of juicing are strengthening of immune system, weight loss, detoxification without energy depletion, helps stabilize blood sugar levels (diabetes), cancer fighting phyto-chemicals are found in juice, and  fresh juice stabilizes inflammation internally. Juicing gives our bodies healthy energy and allows our body systems to function at optimal levels. Again, these are just a handful of benefits from juicing. Juicing for healing and medicinal purposes has been around for ages. Some commentaries even suggest that the “fruit with seed in it” from Genesis 1:29 refers to the fruit as a whole, including the juice. And it was to be “yours for food”.

It doesn’t matter if you want to juice every morning or commit to a juice fast, the benefits are countless. Do not be discouraged or intimidated by big expensive juicers or health gurus, juicing is just another way that you can utilize the power of food for what it was intended. I’m confident that once you incorporate juicing into your lives you will feel the benefits and love them. Please keep in mind that when you begin juicing you may feel the effects of detox. These may include body aches, headache, or frequent bathroom trips. I promise this phase does not last long. For some it is only a few days, for others it may be up to a week.

For those that do not own a juicer there are many options in stores and online. The only one I’ve ever owned is one of the Jack LaLanne juicers and I’ve had it for 4 years and use it on a very regular basis. I made a hundred dollar investment and my juicer is still going strong, and I have had no issues with it. Another great option is one by Black and Decker, and this one can be found online or in Target or Walmart stores. This is a thirty dollar investment and for the price it works great. This would be great if you wanted to try juicing without spending too much money or if you will be juicing for just yourself. It is a smaller juicer so it is perfect in the amount it makes for one person. I hope my personal testimony helps when you are deciding on which to buy and how much to spend when it comes to juicers.

Another benefit is that surprisingly enough drinking your veggies can actually taste good! I’ve included a recipe to help get you started. The ingredients in this recipe help the body to rid itself of toxins, stimulate digestion and immune system, optimize liver and kidney function, and increase hydration. Enjoy!

My First Green Juice

1 Fennel stem
1 peeled Cucumber
5 Kale leaves
Leaves of 5 Parsley stems
Ginger, peeled and cut to sugar cube size
1 cup Spinach, roughly chopped
5 stems of Dandelion Greens
1 Lemon, rind removed & cut in half (keeping as much of the white area on the fruit as you can)

For additional information and for more juicing ideas, check out Fruitful Provision’s blog & website at:

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