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Beauty Product Rave


Ok, so I am totally raving about this “beauty product”…Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes! This product completely removes ALL traces of dirt and make up from my face, using just one towelette. And it doesn’t stop there…I LOVE how it leaves my face feeling so soft and moisturized, that I don’t even have to put on my night cream. It’s literally a one-stop-shop that i keep in my nightstand for those nights when I’m just too tired to wash my face.  Now…I’m not saying to do this EVERY night 😉 …because we all know it’s important to give our face/skin that special attention with a good cleanser and facial cream, ESPECIALLY after all day being exposed to dirts, makeup, pollutants and toxins that are in the air which can all settle into our skin causing blackheads, pimples, wrinkles, quicker skin aging, etc.. However, for those nights when I just can’t seem to pull it together to even do my 3 min beauty regimen…i’m so reaching for these!! Click here to check out my blog post on my 3 Minute Beauty Regimen on how I deep cleanse my skin in just 3 minutes.

Inner beauty transforms outer beauty! xoxo


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