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Social Media Pause

IMG_0362So after being on a social media time out for a few weeks, I have had the  great opportunity to truly reflect on some things in my life, as well as the direction in which God is leading, without all the crazy distractions of social media. Social media is fun and entertaining as it helps pass time when you’re standing in line to get your lunch or sitting in the Dr’s office waiting for your name to be called…but taking these few weeks to self reflect and to use every fleeting moment I could to meditate on the Word/Jesus, has drastically changed my life in a way I wouldn’t have known it could!

3 things I realized while on my “social media fast” :

1. Media has a greater influence and impact than we could ever imagine, in how we think and in the decisions we make. I know that most of us know this about media to some degree…but I truly felt and experienced the magnitude of how much my own personal life was being impacted once I pulled away from the distractions for some time.

2.  Media is a distraction from self reflection.  Self reflection is greatly under valued and is often something we don’t usually want to “deal with” or may not even know how to do—this is easy not to do when we’re consumed by media.  Self-reflection I believe is something we should all do on a nightly basis before checking out for the night.  Reflecting on some of the decisions and actions you took throughout your day, then digging a little deeper to question yourself on if you made the right decisions or not and why or why not, etc…  Self reflection also involves facing your mistakes, and being open to see how  you got there and then repenting and allowing the Holy Spirit to help you so you don’t continue to repeat the same mistakes.

Self reflection allows you to acknowledge if you have been hurt by someone or something, and then identifying what the real root cause of the hurt is and dealing with it by praying and really giving it to the One who wants you cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you.  Not dealing with anger and hurt creates bitterness inside your soul, which seeps in deeper and deeper the longer you allow it by not reflecting and allowing God to heal your heart. Focusing on self reflection brings healing and wholeness.

3. Clarity in hearing from God.  Without the clutter of images, advice, advertisements, suggestions, and posts of people living it up and having a better life than you… I was able to hear clearly from God regarding direction in those things I needed to start doing and stop doing.  I was able to give my complete attention and focus on Him throughout my days and evenings.

Now this isn’t to say that we shouldn’t social media…I simply found that I (as well many others) was unknowingly being controlled by media (just as media is intended to do and is very successful in doing so). But from here on out, I will not be controlled by it but will instead control it.  Meditating on scriptures throughout the day keeps my focus where it needs to be, as well as having full on conversations with God.  He’s our friend and will direct us step by step, day by day…if we’re listening :).

If you try fasting from social media for a day or more, I would love for you to share with me any revelations that you get!


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