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Prayer Changes Things

Written By Marcia Kennedy:

When I was a little girl, I remember sitting at the kitchen table on Saturday mornings, my mom posed behind me, after washing my hair at the kitchen sink. She would diligently place hair roller after roller in my hair until it was all wrapped up in pink foam-cushioned-snap-together curlers. On the table, in front of me and to the left, there sat this little plaque that had a simple phrase…Prayer Changes Things.
I only remember seeing it on those occasions. It must have been important if it is still that vivid in my mind. Mom and I would play word games to pass the time (I had very long thick dark hair!). I would give her the first letter of each word in a phrase or some other tangible thing in the kitchen, and she would guess what it was. How obvious was it that ‘PCT’ stood for “PRAYER CHANGES THINGS”?
Fifty years later that scene vividly remains in my minds’ eye. (That’s a case for the incredible power of repetition, by the way. SO keep memorizing scripture, and teaching your children to do the same thing.) I’m relatively certain that the plaque came from my Grandmother, Audrey, who prayed for me.
Prayer DOES change things. The Bible tells me so. The little plaque told me so. But to make it so, meant that I had to dig in and learn how to pray. What a journey that has been. But, I have learned! It has been the most important discovery in my life. And God has turned it into the passion of my life.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Learn How To Pray If It Really Does Change Things?
Part of the journey of becoming a follower of Christ is the concept that I learned from Oswald Chambers in his July 30 writing contained in his popular book “My Utmost For His Highest”. He entitles it “The Teaching of Disillusionment”.
Our first attempt at Prayer is usually learning and repeating by rote ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. We are so impressed with ourselves when we finally know it by heart. And then, we can say it so automatically that it simply rolls effortlessly off our tongue! WOW…We are on track now, right??
How very, very WRONG! Do we even know what we are saying? Does our heart even hear the words? Have we ever stopped, or even slowed down long enough to get acquainted with the words that are flowing so eloquently from our lips?
The ‘disillusionment’ comes when we think that The Lord’s Prayer is the only prayer we have to learn, and yet, seeing that it falls short of producing change, decide that prayer doesn’t work, so why bother? Haven’t we prayed (and even over-prayed) the most well known prayer in the entire world? Why isn’t it working?
A few years ago I decided to teach a class on Prayer. I was ecstatic!! (for reasons you’ll have to read about in another one of my articles). But the lady from my church who was the organizer for the home group studies promptly pointed out that I should not be discouraged if not many people signed up. WHAT???? What did she mean? Who wouldn’t want to learn how to pray in a way that really does CHANGE THINGS??????????
Then I remembered my own disillusionment. That is, until I decided that I was going to seek the Lord and figure this thing out! I needed change in my life!! At that point, there was NO ONE ELSE WHO COULD DO ANYTHING TO HELP ME EXCEPT GOD! So, I was on this journey and I was NOT going to stop or give up or quit until I figured it out!
Prayer DOES change things. Stagnant things turn into living, flowing, active and vibrant things. Impossible things manifest right in front of your eyes! Dark become Light. Never becomes Always. Nothing becomes Something. God makes a way when there is no way. Heartfelt prayer DOES change things. The best part of learning how to pray is that in the process, we establish the most loving intimate relationship with our Creator that is the ONE thing that will change EVERY THING!

MKYou can read more from MARCIA KENNEDY on her website and email her at Link to other articles, including “What should we be thinking as we recite “The Lord’s Prayer”, “All the things God ‘taught-me-to-teach me’ How to Pray”, as well as “My Grandmother Prayed for Me”.
Marcia’s profession is in the Financial Services industry where she conducts workshops called “Ya Don’t Know What Ya Don’t Know”. Marcia presents concepts that weave investing principles and relationship together in an enlightening fashion that unravels the otherwise complicated process to those who find investing all very mind-boggling. The workshops are tailored specifically to groups of individuals who find the world of investing very complicated yet need a trusted Financial Advisor to help them with the long term money planning process.

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