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In Joy Life Magazine

Healthy Eating Challenge: Week 3

Okay so we let last week slide since it was Thanksgiving week…but let’s get back to the challenge! We have this week and next week left for the challenge and you’re going to look and feel so amazing before the holidays that you’re going to want to keep it up and won’t reach for the unhealthy party choices! Let’s go into the new year with a healthy lifestyle and mindset! 😉

Sample Meal Plan Week 3

Click this link for a downloadable version. Sample Meal Plan Week 3

If you live in general Phx area, and are pressed for time, Fruitful Provision offers services such as their Produce Baskets which include in season, naturally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as cooked meal services; all are customizable to your needs and can be delivered right to your door. Checkout their website and current online offer on Groupon!


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