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The Gift that keeps on giving…way beyond Christmas morning!


Written by Marcia Kennedy

Black Friday, Black Monday, Black Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and oh, what the heck, why leave out Sunday??? Spend, spend, spend….buy more stuff, buy more stuff, “Oh, come on guys….please please PLEASE…BUY MORE STUFF!!!”

Is it just me, or does December seem to roll around faster every year, and the same thought goes through my head…. “what will I get for (fill in the blank with name) this year??? There are always a few gifts that we can hardly wait to purchase with anticipation of seeing the joy on that individual’s face. But others don’t always come so easily. So we buy just to be buying, and then wonder why we feel empty inside.

I’m not advocating that we not enjoy the gift-giving season. But I’m a big supporter of the KISS theory. Some of my favorite Christmas gifts are still the handmade crafts from my sister-in-law that have made every move I’ve made over the last 36 years.

But the gift I’m talking about is something from the heart. This gift can’t be bought, because there is no price tag on it. It’s on the same level with that handmade craft item. Only you don’t even have to buy the materials. What it does require is time. Time to very thoughtfully consider the loved ones’ deep spiritual need, then lifting them up before the King of Kings, interceding on their behalf, with a commitment to pray specifically for them for a season of time….and perhaps a long season….until you see them receive the answer that brings a glow of peace and joy that could come only from the Lord. What do you think God would think about offering that kind of gift to Him for your loved one?

Your faith and the faith of your friend would forever give way to a greater degree and could be the exact catalyst necessary to change the course of their life. You may not really believe that you have that much influence for God, but He may use this opportunity to show you that in fact, you do!! I just know that God loves it when we pray for those people He has strategically placed in our lives. Remember how Job’s life was restored to him after he began to pray for his friends?

This gift of prayer is one that keeps on giving way beyond Christmas morning, into the entire next year and perhaps will affect their destiny simply because one Christmas, you decided to give the intangible and most unusual gift of prayer!

James 5:16
The earnest, heartfelt and continued prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available, dynamic in its working.

MKYou can read more from MARCIA KENNEDY on her website and email her at Link to other articles, including “What should we be thinking as we recite “The Lord’s Prayer”, “All the things God ‘taught-me-to-teach me’ How to Pray”, as well as “My Grandmother Prayed for Me”.
Marcia’s profession is in the Financial Services industry where she conducts workshops called “Ya Don’t Know What Ya Don’t Know”. Marcia presents concepts that weave investing principles and relationship together in an enlightening fashion that unravels the otherwise complicated process to those who find investing all very mind-boggling. The workshops are tailored specifically to groups of individuals who find the world of investing very complicated yet need a trusted Financial Advisor to help them with the long term money planning process.

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