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God sees your heart, trust Him with it


Written by Char Schweigert

There are many people who are not aware they have a hidden wound in their heart. One that people cannot see.
These wounds are considered as a broken heart. Causes can be numerous. Rejection, shame, blame, unforgiveness and
bad feelings. Satan attacks us through others and in our weakness we accept them as truth. They are lies. Jesus is our Lord
and He has forgiven us of past, present and future sins. We all need to guard our hearts from these attacks. These causes may be from people who are very close to us and even be from our childhood.
From my own childhood , I was told ‘why aren’t you like your sister?” by my mother. My father treated all of his children as assets that were to serve him. However, when I found the great loving Father God, my thinking began to change. I know that God is faithful and wants all of His children to be free. So He gave us His Word of Love to mend your broken hearts. Jesus, was called The Living Word and He finished all evil at the cross and it cannot effect us anymore. So give your brokenheart to Him because He will give you a healed heart and healed ways of thinking. Surrender all evil to Him and accept His Love for you. Read Psalm 147:3 it is His promise to you. He has healed your wounded heart and set you free to love as He loves.
He also states that He has bound up your wounds so you will not hurt in your heart ever again, as long as you do not accept the lies of Satan through anyone.
You have been made worthy to receive by Jesus. Receiving has great power to heal all brokenness. His mercy is new every morning. You were freed when Jesus died on the cross and finished His sacrifice. Now, my child, think only on the good things and never speak again about those wounds, even to yourself, for as a man thinks, so is He. Out of your heart your mouth speaks. Jesus loves you. May these words I have written be accepted in your heart and you now speak good things to yourself and your heart be filled with love.

Ms. Char

CharBorn May 26, 1927, Charlene Schweigert has written many pamphlets with teachings & instructions to help others understand the Word of God and how to apply His Word to their lives.  She has given seminars to young women in the Assembly of God church and has done missionary work in the Bahamas.  Mentoring one on one has been a way of life for her and God is always first place in her life.  Char is a gifted painter and has set a goal to further her pastel art with note cards featuring copies of her work.  She currently serves as an elder at her church in Mesa, AZ.  You can reach Char by email at

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