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Love God Love Others {Devotional}

Written By Guest Writer: Charlene Schweigert

As I was studying God’s word in I Peter, I meditated on God’s great love for us and all that Jesus has done for us.
God is always faithful and we can count on His love every day. As we create our own lives, we need to keep our Father in mind in everything we plan and do each day. It is what we put in our heart (or subconscious) that our conscious minds will put into place; so the things we put in our heart should be for the good and the uplifting of others with encouragement.

Love is a multi-faceted act and as we extend ours to others it must be for their good so that we will increase our own joy. Each of us has something to give away to others, and we should do it with compassion and understanding. We do not live for just ourselves but in following the example of our Lord Jesus. We do all to exalt Him. Focus on His goodness, His mighty deeds of love, and do likewise. The rewards on earth and in Heaven are abundant. Increase your territory of giving and see such wonderful victories in your own life. Enjoy who you are in Christ as He is in you.

Ms. Char

CharBorn May 26, 1927, Charlene Schweigert has written many pamphlets with teachings & instructions to help others understand the Word of God and how to apply His Word to their lives.  She has given seminars to young women in the Assembly of God church and has done missionary work in the Bahamas.  Mentoring one on one has been a way of life for her and God is always first place in her life.  Char is a gifted painter and has set a goal to further her pastel art with note cards featuring copies of her work.  She currently serves as an elder at her church in Mesa, AZ.  You can reach Char by email at

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