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Tests and Trials: Passing The Test of Faith

Tests and Trials: Passing The Test of Faith

I was reading James chapter 1 the other day in light of some current trials that i’m having to walk through, so i started meditating on the first part of the chapter. As i did i asked myself, “how can i practically apply this text to my life right now in the midst of certain challenges which at times can seem hopeless?”

“…count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.”

…Like how does one go through crazy hard stuff and “count it all joy” as it mentions in verse two of the chapter?  How is it possible to look through the difficult things we may be enduring and still find hope and believe in the promises of God?

When God allows us to go through “stuff” He always has a plan for us to come through victorious at the end of it. But one of the major reasons He allows for trials in our lives is so that our faith would be tested. Trials test our faith. And our faith must be tested for a few different reasons.

Our faith must be tested in order to produce Godly character, bold faith, and patience which is considered endurance and perseverance (in faith). In this Christian life, we have got to learn to stand the test of faith. It’s so easy to want to give up on God in the middle of life’s testing moments. So many people walk away from God when hard times hit. They simply just give in, become angry and bitter and feel that God had somehow abandoned them or He doesn’t care for them and even go as far to say that He doesn’t exist. It’s so easy and tempting to feel this way as the enemy, the accuser, is right there to whisper lies to cause you to question, blame and doubt God in these moments. You see with these types of people, their faith was weak and they were unwilling to fight and endure the test. Tests and trials expose whats really in our hearts towards God  and the true level of our faith.

God wants us to believe and trust Him through these times and to stand firm and wait for His salvation. He requires for us to acknowledge His sovereignty in our lives in every circumstance that we face. How He comes through for the one who believes and is faithful will be in such a way that would blow them away so much so that their faith would be greatly increased. That person would know without any doubt that they serve the only true living God.

“God is the rewarder of those who are steadfast in the midst of trials.” (a quote i read in a commentary)

I love what David wrote in Psalm 27:13-14 “I would have lost heart, unless i had believed that i would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait (in faith) on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!” These words are so true and encouraging to the soul and should be held on to tightly when you find yourself in the middle of a test.

We have to take a stance of knowing that God has not left us nor forsaken us. It’s about making the decision to believe that He is sovereign and all knowing and trustworthy and that He will see you through and work everything out for your good if you just cling to Him as your Rock and Redeemer. It all boils down to belief. What are you choosing to believe in the midst of tough times? Are you believing that God is still good? That He has your best interest in mind, despite how the situation appears? Is He still worthy of your praise while you’re in that place? The answer is absolutely. Know that what you are going through is ONLY a test and you pass this test by not wavering in your belief of who God is and knowing that there is great purpose for the trial…trusting that God is in control working it all out for your greater good. As you do this your faith is being strengthened and you will be considered faithful by God amongst the biblical greats of faith like Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Noah and others (read Hebrews 11 and be encouraged!).

We get to count it all joy when we fall into various trials because when we choose (because it is a choice) to trust and believe in God, our creator, the Potterer who designed us and orders our steps, who is Almighty, all powerful, the one whom NOTHING is impossible for, we can know for certain, without a shadow of doubt that he has an expected end to the situation that will most certainly be in our favor. This all doesn’t mean that our circumstances are joyful and happy, in fact they are painful, sad, discouraging and heartbreaking, but God sees this and is compassionate towards us and will redeem it all. In fact He promises a recompense (which means compensation or reward given for loss or harm suffered or effort made…or to repay) for all our pain that we have to endure. “Instead of your (former) shame you shall have a twofold recompense…” Is. 61:7amp

If you are reading this post and are going through a challenging and difficult time and are brokenhearted, feeling lost, sad, depressed or hopeless…or maybe you are finding it really difficult to move forward from where you’re at. I want to tell you right now, to grab hold of God’s promises and BELIEVE. As hard and painful  as it is right now, you need to know and BELIEVE that God has not forsaken you or forgotten you, but is very near to you right this moment. The bible says that He is near to the broken hearted:: “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Ps. 34:18 – Reach out to Him and let Him bring you peace and comfort as you go through this. Don’t push Him away, He is compassionate towards you and is developing something great inside of you right now. Pass this test that you may see the reward on the other side of the trial. That your faith would strengthened as you see the power of God work in your life. You will only see the power of God at work in your circumstances if you stand firm in faith and trust Him.

“But let patience (endurance, perseverance) have its perfect (mature) work, that you may be perfect (mature) and complete lacking nothing.” James 1:4

At the end of the trial, you will not only find victory over the situation, but you will find that you are more spiritually mature with a faith that is rock solid. This my friends is EVERYTHING!

My heart is for you & i’m praying for each one of you.

May Dobbins

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