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Skin Care Products for Hyper-Pigmentation and Blackheads

Skin Care Products for Hyper-Pigmentation and Blackheads


I’m currently on an on-going journey to finding the perfect facial skin care products that would really effectively solve my skin problems. My skin struggles with occasional breakouts and blackheads which ultimately results in dark spots on my face. And though I still go without makeup when I feel like it, I would just like to enjoy smooth, even toned, well hydrated skin with or without makeup.

The issue i’m sure we all have is that there are so many products on the market to have to sift through and figure out which ones will really do the work and which ones are just a complete waste of money. I’ll say right now that I have found that so many of the products out there are a total huge waste of money; promising all sorts of results and never truly delivering…I’m pretty sure you all know what I’m talking about! So this makes it ridiculously difficult to find out what products really work especially when skin care products are super expensive!

Well not to worry sisters! If you struggle with some the same skin issues that I do, I’ve done some legwork for you and have found a few products that I’m absolutely loving right now, and best of all, they actually work! I’ve been testing out these items for the last 4 months or so and I’ve definitely noticed improvements.
All three of the products are from Colleen Rothschild Skincare, which I recently discovered as I was researching skin care products.

The specific skin problems I’ve been targeting with the use of these three products are, hyper-pigmentation from pimple scarring, blackheads and slightly dry skin. I’ve found that these products have really helped my skin in all three areas!

The first product up is the Radiant Cleansing Balm. Can I just say that this stuff is the business?! It’s a golden balm that you only need a little bit of, and you can put it directly on top of a full face of makeup! I love it because when I get home after a whole long day, it’s a one stop, deep clean, beauty shop. You rub the balm all over your face, then take a muslin cloth (which it comes with) and wet it with warm water, lay it on your face to give yourself a brief mini-facial for about a minute and then wipe your face with the wet muslin cloth. Literally all the makeup and dirt melts off your face! It’s pretty incredible! You’re left with a fresh and thoroughly clean face.

CR Cleansing Balm

Next, I use the Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum in the evenings. It’s light and it absorbs quickly and works overnight on my blemishes, plus it makes my skin soft and smooth.


Lastly, I use their Extreme Recovery Cream both at night and in the mornings. It’s rich and hydrating, leaving my skin radiant! Love it, love it!


Below I’ve shared pics of when i first started using the product! One thing I do have to remember when looking for results, is that it takes time! Unless I’m using some prescribed, potent prescription from a dermatologist (which I don’t care for, since many of the medicines have chemicals that make their way into the blood stream), it will take some time, so I have to be patient. My skin is not yet where I want it to be, but I am happy with how far it’s come and I’m optimistic about where it’s going if I just continue to stick with the routine that is already proving to work.

This reminds me of our journey with God. We begin our relationship with Him having all kinds of wounds (breakouts), issues and scarring…completely blemished from our past, and then He begins to apply His healing balm all over the wounded areas of our hearts and the broken pieces of our lives and He slowly begins to repair us and put us back together. Many times this is a process that takes time, but inevitably, He gives us Beauty for our Ashes. He makes all things new and beautiful in our lives. Today we may not be exactly where we want to be spiritually, but thank God we’re not where we used to be, right?! We have to be patient with the process and trust that God is so faithful to complete the good work He started in us. Continue to stick with God, being faithful in serving Him and with where He has you today.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Well friends, I hope this helps! My disclaimer is that I am simply only sharing my own opinions and experience with the products listed in hopes to help anyone else who may be struggling with some of the same skin problems as myself. I am not endorsed by the company and I have purchased the products on my own.

What are some skin care products that have worked for your blemishes and skin issues? Please share!

Love & Blessings, May Dobbins


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